IV Nutritional Therapy

These infusions can help when you feel “run down”, have a headache, muscle and joint pain, or just need a boost to your immune system. Each solution of vitamin and minerals will be individualized for each patient based on their symptoms. Some of the symptoms IV therapy can improve include:
• Chronic Fatigue • Depression • Fibromyalgia • Overall Wellness • Headache • Immunity • Autoimmune Disorders • Migraines

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for (males and females)

We are proficient in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (including topical, oral medication,
injectables, and pellets), and have trained other healthcare providers on how to accurately interpret lab results, dose, and maintain therapeutic hormone levels. Our hormone replacement therapy offers relief from many common symptoms of low hormone levels, and several benefits, including:
• Enhanced Quality of Sleep (including relief of hot flashes and night sweats) • Decreased Mood Swings and Irritability • Decreased Body Fat (including weight loss and less wrinkles, due to improved skin elasticity) • Increased Libido and Higher Energy Levels • Improved Memory • Decreased Effects of Osteoporosis • Protection from Heart Disease, Hypertension and HighCholesterol • Lowered Risk of Uterine and/or Breast Cancer • Enhanced General Well-Being
• Relief from chronic pain

Weight Loss

We offer extensive nutritional counseling, guidance and support with all of our professional weight loss programs. We will work with every patient to develop an individualized weight loss program that has helps patients lose weight in a safe and sustainable manner to keep the weight
off for good!

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